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    Spot the WHALES

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  • Waterfall Skógafoss in Iceland - south coast

    Taste the SOUTH COAST

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Enjoy Iceland and Reykjavík


Iceland is more than ever a true magical natural paradise. While the coronavirus crisis has affected a great deal of the world for the worse, for the beautiful Icelandic nature it was a positive effect. Less tourist has meant that this country has been able to rest and and to recuperate its natural beauty. With Iceland's exceptional handling of the COVID-19 epidemic, there have been almost no mortalities (less than 15 people have died in total) making it is the ideal country to plan your next holiday or vacation for a coronavirus-free experience. 

The low density of inhabitants, the possibility to stay in small scale country hotels, the availability of motorhomes and the fact that most of your holiday is spent outside in the freshest air on the planet, there is literally no better destination to visit now-a-days. One of the highest standard of health care, hygiene and nearly every other necessity also sets Iceland apart and thereby confirming your choice of Iceland as your next destination for 2020. Welcome to Iceland! For news, updates and current events about Iceland, please check out this page. We have the latest Coronavirus in Iceland updates, news about upcoming events and new activities o Iceland. Stay on top of all of the newest information regarding Iceland by checking out our website.

Iceland has also been the ideal place for a relaxing, remote holiday or vacation among the most beautiful nature in the world. Now this is even more true and more important than ever. Come visit Iceland, the country with some of the best response and results amid the current COVID-19 epidemic and enjoy a coronavirus-free trip far from civilization. Social-distance travel never looked so appealing.

Check the offer of our motorhomes direct transfer from the international airport Keflavik international airport y favourite tour packages. And do not forget to make reservations for the summer several months in advance, so you do not miss the vacation of your dreams!

Here you will find everything you need to know about tourism in Iceland and several options so you can enjoy this wonderful country to the fullest. We present many different ideas for your holiday, regardless of the type of tourism you are looking for during your visit to Iceland, whether something more economical (low cost flights) or fot those looking a bit more luxury, there are options for all means. Whether you are thinking of renting a car, buying a ticket to fly to Reykjavík (flights to Iceland), going on a honeymoon or participating in a golf tournament, here is everything that Iceland can offer you.

Iceland not only offers a landscape impossible to see anywhere else on the planet, but it also presents countless activities to enjoy during your visit to Iceland. The island is located off the northern coast of Europe directly where the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans meet. There are 338,500 inhabitants living within 103,000km2, the majority (217,000) making their home in its beautiful capital Reykjavík. However, it is the beauty and breathtaking views around the rest of the island that really makes Iceland stand out above other tourist destinations, with its volcanoes (which gave inspiration toJules Verne in “Journey to the Center of the Earth”), its geysers, icebergs and fjords, its incredible waterfalls and its wild horses which roam free, it is no wonder so many people visit Iceland in order to experience so many unforgettable attractions in one single trip.

During your trip on Iceland you can enjoy a spectacular meal and culture, you can feel a magical atmosphere to which not only geography contributes, but also its mystical creatures and their Elves. We invite you to enjoy this year's tourism in Iceland, its fantastic mountains, its healthy geothermal waters and its unique excursions to volcanoes, glaciers and natural parks. You can do trekking, rafting, golf, whale watching, horseback riding and taking the most incredible photos with flights over Iceland or Greenland.

Visit this nearly virgin country, listen to the music of Björk and Sigur Rós, feel its true strength and you will not be able to keep from falling in love at first sight.

"Stop dreaming and come to Iceland."

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 ~Tourism on Iceland - stop dreaming and come! ~