Thrihnukagígar Volcano on Iceland
Do you want to take a trip to the depths of a volcano in Iceland? If your answer is yes, do not wait any longer and reserve your place! Occupancy is limited. This excursion will take you inside the Thrihnukagígur volcano, which has been inactive for 4,000 years. Even so, you will experience an intense and incomparable adventure, which will leave you speechless. The tour will begin with the pick-up at your hotel in Reykjavík; the bus will transport you to the beginning of a walk among lava fields which lasts about 45-50 minutes (2,5 km). Upon reaching the volcano, you will descend to the bottom of the volcano, (120 meters in 6 minutes) in an open elevator. The dimensions of the interior of the crater are incredible and the colors have a truly fascinating intensity. Do you dare to take this adventure? Keep reading below for more details about this excursion inside the volcano.



What can I expect?

This tour offers you a mix of the best that Iceland has: nature, history and adrenaline within a volcano. The full tour lasts 5-6 hours with the following program:

- Pick up at the Reykjavík hotels 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.
- Transfer by bus to the Reykjanes peninsula (30 minutes to Blafjoll).
- Walk through the lava fields for about 2,5 km until you reach the volcano (45-50 minutes round trip).
- Beautiful views of Reykjavík and the Reykjanes peninsula.
- Visit the volcano crater via an elevator ride down 120 meters.
- Traditional Icelandic soup.
- Transfer back to the hotel at Reykjavík.

The walk from the parking lot to the volcano usually takes about 45-50 minutes. While it is not a difficult walk as it does not have many steep changes in elevations, as it is a natural path between lava fields, you should bear in mind that the surface is not smooth. This path is not recommended for people with problems related to their knees, ankles, back, etc. The walk requires adequate physical condition to be able to walk 1,5 hours in natural terrain. 

Upon arrival at the volcano, the English speaking guide will inform you about the security measures about how to behave inside the volcano. You will receive the necessary equipment to be able to enter inside (helmet and harness). The group will be divided into two (4-6 visitors in each group) and will descend in an open elevator for about 6 minutes to the bottom of the volcano. There, you will spend a half hour observing the interior of the volcano and taking pictures. Remember that it is forbidden to take volcanic stones from the crater. When you climb back to the surface (and while waiting for the rest of the group) you can enjoy a delicious meat soup (the traditional Icelandic soup), as well as coffee, tea or hot chocolate. After the well-deserved rest, we will start our way back with the guide until we get to the bus that will take you to your hotel in Reykjavík. The transfers are without a guide.


Difficulty of the activity: Moderate (2-3 / 5 ). For all people in good physical shape who do not have claustrophobia or vertigo.
Meeting point: The meeting point is at a ski cabin, located in Bláfjöll (the Blue Mountains). It takes about 30 minutes to drive there from Reykjavík.
Departures from Reykjavík: 1-6 departures daily >>> May - October, according to the reservation table
Excursion duration: 5-6 hours (35-40 minutes inside the volcano).
Price included: Departure from Reykjavík (including all Reykjavík hotels), excursion inside the Thrihnukagígur volcano, English-speaking guide and necessary equipment to enter the interior of the volcano.
Details of descent to the volcano: 6 minutes in the open elevator with down to 120 meters.
Minimum age: 12 years.
Optional services: If desired, this excursion can be made by helicopter transfer for 86,900 ISK / adult person.
What do I need to bring? Warm clothes, waterproof jacket and pants, hat, gloves and good trekking shoes. Temperatures within the volcano range from 5-6 C. Do not forget your camera.


Note: When booking the tour you must indicate the name of your hotel in Reykjavík for the collection. Please keep in mind that the collection of passengers can take up to 30 minutes as several clients are being collected at the same time. It is advisable to use these transfers instead of traveling with the rental car. If you still wish to reach the starting point with your own car, you have to arrive to the Blafjoll cabins parking area at the latest 20 minutes after the scheduled departure time from Reykjavík (that is, if you book the excursion to the 10:00, you have to be in the Blafjoll - Blue Mountains car park at 10:20 a.m. at the latest).

Reservation note:: This excursion is in high demand and spaces fill up quickly, so it is recommended to make the reservation in advance.

Into the volcano
Into the volcano Thrihnukagígar
Volcano Thrihnukagígar on Iceland

Disclaimer: All the participants in the excursions inside the volcano carry out this activity under their own responsibility. ISLANDICA s.r.o. is not responsible for any damage or accidents suffered during the trip (both physical and material). All participants assume responsibility for their own performances during field trips. It is possible that they are required to sign a Disclaimer (the disclaimer of liability on the part of the provider), where they declare that they assume full responsibility and that they are aware of the possible risks that this type of trip entails. ID679.

Thrihnukagígar ON ICELAND