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Do you want to pamper yourself or a loved one during your visit to Iceland and experience something truly unique at the Blue Lagoon? Book your ticket to the Luxury Entrance at the Retreat Spa Blue Lagoon and you will enjoy exclusive and limited access to the Retreat Spa and experience a taste of heaven. The Blue Lagoon Spa offers a rare treat for all, but it is also a healing encounter for those with skin diseases, scientifically proven through decades of research. While the Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa is separated from the main lagoon entrance, your reservation gives your access to both facilities. 

This extraordinary experience in the Blue Lagoon should be booked in advance as entrance is limited to 20 people every two hours. We recommend booking the ticket in advance in order to confirm the desired time.




In 2018 Blue Lagoon completed a major expansion by opening the Retreat Spa for its more selective and exclusive clients. This space includes an underground spa, a geothermal lagoon, a restaurant offering traditional culinary delights from Iceland served to you in their unique style and a hotel of 62 suites surrounded by the mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon. Pamper yourself and discover the Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa, where you will feel in a new world of relaxation. And for true privacy, the spa requests that all guests safely store their phones and electronic devices away during their visit and simply enjoy their time with no distractions or disturbances, 

Blue Lagoon is the most visited attraction in Iceland and one of the most fascinating places on Iceland. This impressive geothermal spa is located in the lava rock dotted volcanic fields of the Reykjanes peninsula. Its location is ideal as it is located between the international airport of Keflavík and the capital Reykjavík. From the airport you can arrive by bus, by taxi or by car. The transfer between the airport and Blue Lagoon lasts about 20 minutes (via Highway 41 before turning south on Highway 43). From the capital, Reykjavík, to the Blue Lagoon, the distance is 45 km, lasting 40-45 minutes. There is also the possibility of booking excursions or transfers to the Blue Lagoon with the departure from Reykjavík.




What is included in RETREAT SPA LUXURY entrance?

Retreat Spa Blue lagoon.
Retreat Spa Entrance: 4 hours within the Retreat Spa and Blue Lagoon; towel, bathrode and slippers upon arrival.
Retreat Lagoon: Access to lagoon with geothermal heated water, surrounded by stunning architecture which incorporates the land and water perfectly.
Private Changing Room: Fully exclusive and private rooms for your comfort for 1 or 2 people. 
Blue Lagoon Ritual: Cover your body with silica, algae and minerals for full-body rejuvenation  occupancy. 
Outdoor and Underground Spaces: Steam cave, sauna, fireplace, Nest, terrace, cold well.
Blue Lagoon: Access to the Blue Lagoon whenever you wish during your stay. 
Skin Care Amenities: Skin Care soap, shampoo and others available for use during your visit.
Drink of Choice: Enjoy a drink at the Retreat Lagoon bar.

Blue Lagoon visitor guide

When you arrive at the reception of the Blue Lagoon or the Retreat Hotel, you must present your official ticket in the physical form or through your mobile phone. At the reception you will be accompanied to the entrance of the Retreat Spa. There you will exchange the entrance ticket for a bracelet that will be used to access your private changing room and complete all necessary purchases in the lagoon. Hygiene products, as well as a towel, bathrobe and slippers of your size will be awaiting you in your changing room. 

Highlights of the Retreat Spa

Built on an 800-year-old lava flow, the nature, design and radiant powers of geothermal seawater flow harmoniously into the Retreat Spa. Designed to transport you new dimensions of relaxation and peace, the spa offers various spaces both outside and underground to give your mind and body a fully transformational experience. Select according to your tastes from: steam cave, sauna, massage, lounge with nest chairs, lava spring, fire, relaxation, panoramic terrace, cold well and the mineral-rich heat all found within the Retreat Spa Luxury Entrance. 

Blue Lagoon Ritual: Combining the three magical core ingredients found in the geothermal seawater: silica, algae, and minerals a blend is formed that once applied to the body, provides a richness not found anywhere else. Each component leaves its own desired effect, the silica leaves the skin luminating and clear; the algae gives sutenance and has an anti-aging agent; and the minerals exfoliate and revitalize the body. The ritual is conducted in your exclusive sanctuary of 3 interconnected rooms, each one dedicated to one of the elements, allowing for an environment of never before known serenity and well-being.

Relaxing In-Water Massage/Signature Massage/Hot Stone Massage (additional cost): The Retreat Spa offers an experience not found anywhere else as their massages happen as you are lying on a floating mat in the Retreat Lagoon. With nothing to hinder your comfort, your body can relax and let go as experienced masseurs work their magic. The Relaxing Massge of 30 minutes or 60 minutes is most definitely a pleasure but if you are looking for something truly heavenly, the Signature Massage is 120 minutes of pure serenity. Add a Silica Salt Scrub as well to you massage so that your skin finishes silky smooth. 

Beauty Treatments (additional cost): Manicures, pedicures, facials, Men's Facial Booster. The personalized and customized beauty treatments are designed with you and your skin in mind. Depending on your skin type, silica, algae and minerals are mixed to deliver you rejuevenation, relaxation and radience.

Lava Cove (additional cost): Coined: "a spa within a spa" this is the ultimate in lavishness. The Lava Cove is hidden away in the center of the Retreat Spa, perfectly designed whether you are coming alone or with a partner. The cove offers absolute privacy and includes a private dining area, wood-burning fireplace, butler and Italian furnishings. There is a chance for gourmet dining and guided yoga classes. 

***For requests for addtional services: Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will facilitate the booking.

Retreat Spa Iceland
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Important note The Retreat Spa in the Blue Lagoon of Iceland is a truly extraordinary place destined only for the lucky few. Due to this, it is essential to book tickets in advance. Booking tickets through ISLANDICA, s.r.o. is subject to availability. Your reservation request will be confirmed within 24 hours. ISLANDICA s.r.o. is a travel agency specializing in Iceland with direct access to the reservations of the Blue Lagoon. Code ID676.


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