The volcanic activity on Iceland has led to some of the most incredible phenomeons such as hot springs and geothermal lagoons. After a full day of sightseeing in Iceland there is nothing better than a warm bath in the middle of the nature. Icelanders know it and that's why it is one of the most popular activities in Iceland. Some of the hot springs are still in their natural state, others have been modified by the locals to make them suitable for bathing and that's how these peaceful and relaxing lagoons and spa have become so popular. Take a look at the superb lagoons and geothermal spas in Iceland located all around the island. 

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Secret Lagoon pool, Golden Circle of Iceland
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Mývatn Nature Baths, North Iceland
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Krauma Geothermal Baths, West Iceland
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Fontana Geothermal Baths, Golden Circle of Iceland
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What makes the geothermal lagoons and spas in Iceland so special?
The geothermal baths, lagoons and spa in Iceland play a vital role in the health and lives of Icelanders. The waters are not only natural and warm but they also have special healing properties. Icelanders visit the many lagoons and spa in Iceland to relax, meet their friends, chat and enjoy the beautiful nature and life around them. Hot water exists naturally in this country thanks to the volcanic activity and this is why you can bathe outside in the middle of the wilderness no matter the time of the year or the outside temperature. Traveling to Iceland and not enjoying a bath in a geothermal lagoon in Iceland is like going to a beach destination without going to the beach. 
Many of these hot springs still exist in their natural state, such as the Reykjadalur valley in Hveragerdi, the Grótagjá cave in Mývatn or the thermal pools formed in the rivers of Landmannalaugar, in the highlands of Iceland. Other hot springs were not so pleasant in their pure state, so they have been adapted by Icelanders to create an harmonious spa atmosphere around them. Some of the best examples are the Secret Lagoon at Flúdir, Krauma Spa in west Iceland or Geosea in Húsavík (north Iceland).
The most famous of the geothermal lagoons and spas in Iceland is the worldwide famous Blue Lagoon, located between Keflavík airport and Reykjavík, but you can choose between many other options such as Myvatn Nature Baths in the north or the ones we have already named above.       
Where can I find the lagoons in Iceland?
There are hot springs and geothermal lagoons all around Iceland. Since everyone arrives to the Keflavík airport, you can head direclty to the amazing Blue Lagoon (only 20 minutes by car). If you are travelling around the Iceland you will have the chance to find an new and amazing lagoon or spa almost everyday. Here are some examples: Secret Lagoon and Laugarvatn Fontana in the Golden Circle area (not far from Reykjavík), Krauma Spa and Húsafell Canyon Baths in the West, Mývatn Natural Baths and Geosea in North Iceland or Vök Bath in the East. Even in the most remote places, such us Landmannalaugar (the highlands of Iceland) you will find hot springs to have a natural bath (but check the signs, not all are suitable for a bath as the water can reach up to 60 degrees). 
How many lagoons and spa are in Iceland?
There are lagoons and spa all over Iceland but here you have our favourite ones: 
Blue Lagoon: It was discovered by luck at the end of the 1970's. Since then, the interest of Icelanders and tourists has not stopped growing, becoming the most visited attraction in Iceland. For the past 5 years the Blue Lagoon has been voted as the Best Healing Spa in the world. In fact, the lagoon enjoys a unique ecosystem recognized worldwide due to the medicinal and healing properties of its geothermal waters. The brilliant blue color of the lagoon is due to the silica which is produced in the water, along with salt and algae. In addition, a soft, white mud lies at the bottom of the lagoon and bathers can cover themselves and witness firsthand the magic. The Blue Lagoon can be easily found as it is located on the road between the Iceland International Airport (KEF) and the capital Reykjavík. It is recommended that you buy your Blue Lagoon tickets long in advance because tickets will sell out for prime dates and times. You can choose between Comfort tickets, Premium tickets and the Luxury Retreat Spa experience. 

Secret Lagoon: Known as the oldest swimming pool in Iceland, the natural hot springs of the Secret Lagoon are the perfect complement to your Golden Circle tour as it is located in a small town called Fludir, about a half hour drive from the famous Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysir geothermal area. You will enjoy a relaxing bath in the middle of Mother Nature. The natural environment of the pool and the steam that rises in the air creates a magical feeling. The warm water is kept at 38-40 degrees all year round. Throughout the area there are several geothermal points and a small geyser that erupts every 5 minutes.

Mývatn Nature Baths: It is the ideal stop to relax during your trip around the north of Iceland. This wellness lagoon is located very close to Lake Mývatn and it is open all year round. Its thermal waters of 36-40 ºC can be enjoyed in all weather conditions and offer truly magical views. The characteristics of the water are unique in many ways, being ideal for bathing thanks to the large amount of minerals it contains.

Laugarvatn Fontana: This spa is in the heart of Iceland's most popular tourist route, the Golden Circle. About 20 minutes by car from the Geysir geothermal area and half an hour from the impressive Gullfoss waterfall and Thingvellir National Park, you will find this modern complex of natural geothermal waters where you can take a dip and relax with views of the lake and nature. The Fontana geothermal spa has several natural hot pools, steam baths, a Finnish-style sauna and access to the Laugarvatn Lake itself.
Geosea: Magnificent geothermal spa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the north of Iceland, in the beautiful town of Húsavík, known as "the capital of the whales." The water comes from two boreholes, one located in the cheese barrel and the another in the port of Húsavík. The water does not need chemicals and thanks to the underground heat is warm, comfortable, rich in minerals and it will caress your skin. At the same time you can enjoy the views of the mountain range to the west, Skjálfandi Bay below the cliffs and the Arctic Circle itself on the horizon.
Krauma Spa: It offers the opportunity to experience nature at its origins. This geothermal spa baths & wellness is located in the west of Iceland, next to the Deildartunguhver spring. In Krauma Spa you can relax enjoying several pools with different temperatures, sauna and wellness area. It also offers a spectacular restaurant where you can stop for lunch. Its location is ideal as it is close to the famous Hraufossar Lava Falls, the historic town of Reykholt and Langjökull Glacier. Moreover, it is built on the strongest spring in Europe.

Bjórbödin: The Bjórbödin beer spa opened in 2017 becoming the first beer spa and wellness area in all of Iceland. Located in the north of the island, this spa offers the possibility of taking a beer bath suitable for everyone, made from Kambala wooden bathtubs (the bath water cannot be drunk). But of course, If you are also over 20 years old (legal drinking age in Iceland), you can try the excellent local beer while at the spa.
Vök Baths: Vok Geothermal Baths are the only floating pools in Iceland and are located on the beautiful Urriðavatn Lake, in the eastern fjords of the island, near Egilsstadir. The Vok Thermal Baths harness the geothermal power of the region to create a stunning spa with stunning views of the rest of the lake and its surroundings. The hot water is so pure that it is certified as drinking water.
Húsafell Canyon Baths: Húsafell locals (in West Iceland) who undertook the Canyon Baths project went to great lengths to keep the entire structure as environmentally unobtrusive, sustainable and true to the area’s heritage as possible. Choose from three geothermal pools of varying temperatures, 30-41 ° C (86-105 ° F), plus a cold-water spring at 10 ° C (50 ° F), each with a spectacular view of the surrounding canyon, mountains and glaciers. 
What activities can I do in a lagoon in Iceland?

Appart from having one of the best natural warm baths of your life, each lagoon or spa in Iceland offers a different experience. You can for example enjoy the luxury of the Retreat Spa at the Blue Lagoon, take a dip in a refreshing lake in Fontana, go into a sauna, have a bear-related lunch in Bjórbödin, have a steambath in Krauma, enjoy some refreshments and tastings or go into a relaxation room. Therea are (nearly) endless possibilities for having the best possible experience in the lagoons and spa in Iceland.  

Can I go to the lagoons and spa without renting a car in Iceland? 
Yes, don't worry, we offer the tickets to the Blue Lagoon with the transfers from Reykjavík and the airport. It is about one hour from the bus terminal in Reykjavík to the Blue Lagoon by bus (you can also book with us a private transfer to have the freedom of choosing your own schedule). We also offer the tour to the Golden Circle including the visit to the Secret Lagoon or to Laugarvatn Fontana. That way you will not only see the best places in the Golden Circle but you will have the most complete experience taking a fabulous bath in a lagoon or spa in Iceland. Some other tours may include also a bath in the nature, such us the tour to Landmannalaugar. Check the details and don't forget your swimming suit!

What is included in the entrance tickets to the lagoons and spa in Iceland and what should I bring?  
Although some entrance tickets include the use of towel or are offered as an extra rental, we recommend always bringing your own towel and swimming suit (if you forget them, you will have the chance to rent one) to the lagoons and spa in Iceland. Soap and hairdryers are normally available at the location. Click on the image of each lagoon to check in the details that are included with your ticket.   

Is it worth it to go to a geothermal lagoon in Iceland? 
Coming to lagoons and spa in Iceland is more than worth it. Travelling is not only about sightseeing but also knowing the culture and having experiences like the locals do. Even if you are not into baths and spa, we recommend you to give it a try in Iceland. You will have an experience you will never forget. You will be in the middle of the nature, with amazing views around you and doing something that locals love to do.

When is the best time to visit the lagoons and spa in Iceland?
It doesn't matter if outside are 5 or 20º degrees. All the lagoons and spa in Iceland are geothermal, which means their waters are warm for a bath the whole year. Moreover, the feeling of having a hot bath while is cold outside is incredible. It will definitely make your day. If you are wondering when it is the best hour to come to the lagoons, well, it's up to you. The opening hours are usually quite long, so you can adapt it easily to your travel plans. It is good to check what time is the sunrise and sunset during your trip to Iceland so you can choose accordingly.  It is nice to come during the daylight to enjoy the views and, of course, there is no better way to spend the sunset than having a warm bath in the middle of the Icelandic nature. Anyway, any time is good to come to the lagoons and spa in Iceland!

 Geosea geothermal baths in Húsavík, North Iceland


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