Why don't you take your trip to Iceland to the next level and try something new for the first time? Dog Sledding in Iceland is a traditional, beautiful and exciting activity, typical from the Nordic countries. The musher guides transmit their passion for their dogs to all how are lucky enough to meet these close-knit families and will share with you all the secrets of this incredible activity. Book one of these tours and you will have a wonderful adventure in Iceland as part of a unique team. Don't hesitate, our dogs are waiting for you!

From Reykjavík
Dog Sledding tour in Iceland
Dog Sled Adventure Tour On a Snow from 184 €
From Mývatn
Dogs riding the sled on snow in Mývatn
Dog Sled Tour in Mývatn from 184 €
From Akureyri
Dogs riding the sled on snow from Akureyri
Dog Sled Tour in Akureyri from 189 €
From Reykjavík
Ride on a dry land with dog sled across Iceland, from Reykjavík transfer included
Dry Land Dog Sled Adventure Tour from 299 €
30 min from REK
Ride on a snow - dog sled across Iceland, from Reykjavik
Dog Sled Adventure Tour On a Snow from 189 €
From the farm
Ride on a dry land with dog sled across Iceland, from the farm
Dry Land Dog Sled Adventure Tour from 199 €
What is dog sledding?
Dogsledding is a traditional activity and sport from Nordic countries and Greenland. Dogs have been used for hunting and travel for over a thousand years. A sled is pulled by several sled dogs in order to travel over ice, snow or even normal land. The breed of dog that is normally dedicated to pushing sleds are huskies and their beauty and class is well known. They have a lot of strength and love to run and be outside. The dog sledding tours in Iceland will allow you to experience something totally new and get to know from the inside out what this incredible and ancient way of traveling is like. The musher guides are highly experienced. The lead dog is crucial, so mushers take particular care of these dogs. They will tell you all about dogsledding and you will be able to cross the beautiful nature of Iceland at great speed.        
Where can I experience dog sledding in Iceland?
There are two places where the dog sledding experiences in Iceland take place. The first one is near Reykjavík, so we offer the chance to book the tour with the transfer from the capital or directly on location. As the starting place of the ride always varies, you will receive the exact location after you book the tour. It is always about a 1-hour ride from Reykjavík, so you should stay at the capital the night before. The other location of dog sledding in Iceland is in Mývatn, in the north of Iceland, a must stop for all who are travelling around the island and want to see all the amazing places from the North. These dog sledding tours in Mývatn run from November to the beginning of May.
Dog Sledding in Iceland tours are with or without snow?
Icelandic weather is unpredictable and even during winter there can be months when there is no snow. The Dog Sledding in Iceland takes place on land or on snow depending on the conditions of the moment, so in no case can the sledding tour on snow be guaranteed. Of course, if you come during the winter there are more chances that the tour will be on snow but the experience is all about having a great adventure with our dogs and whether it is on snow or on land, the experience is unforgettable.
What are the requirements to join one of the dog sledding tours in Iceland and what should I bring?

The minimum age varies between 4 to 6 years old, depending on the tour and the season. You need to be physically fit and weight less than 95 Kg. The Dog Sledding tours are not suitable for pregnant women. If you have any doubt about your conditions, just contact us. The vast majority of people love and enjoy dog sledding but safety comes first. 
Regarding the clothes, it is recommended to be dressed warmly as if you were going skiing but warmer as you will not be exercising during the ride. Bring long underwear, warm clothes such as a woolen or fleece sweater, warm and waterproof outfit (pant and jacket), waterproof shoes that go above the ankle like boots or hiking boots, sunglasses, ski goggles, hat, and gloves.  

What kind of dogs are in the Dog Sledding tours in Iceland? 
As you probably know, the most common dogs used in dog sledding tours are huskies, strong dogs that need a lot of exercise and love to run. Among the dogs that are in the Dog Sledding tours in Iceland you will find  Alaskan husky, Greenlandic dog, Siberian huskies and a few mixed breed dogs. All the dogs are either bred at the kennel or adopted and are loved as members of the family. The dogs never go close to their limit and the route is changed everyday to keep them interested and motivated. They are all very friendly, well-trained and well-behaved.

What is included in a Dog Sledding tour in Iceland?  
By booking a Dog Sledding tour in Iceland you will not only enjoy an exciting sleigh ride, but also you will get to know the dogs, take photos during the breaks with them and learn how is the life at the farm. All the tours are guided by an English speaking expert musher guide. Check the details of every tour above and choose the most suitable one for you.  

When should I go on a Dog Sledding tour in Iceland?
The tours that take place near Reykjavik (you can choose the one with the transfer from the capital or the one that starts directly at the location) take place from Monday to Friday all year round. The tours in Mývatn, in the north of Iceland, take place from November to the beginning of May. 

Dog sledding tour in Mývatn, North Iceland


 Dog sledding is a unique and thrilling way to explore Iceland's beautiful winter landscapes. While it's not a common mode of transportation for Icelanders, there are a few companies that offer dog sledding tours for visitors.

The tours typically take place in the winter months, from November to April, when there is enough snow on the ground for the dogs to pull the sleds. Some of the highlights of dog sledding in Iceland include:

  1. Beautiful Landscapes: Dog sledding tours take visitors through some of Iceland's most stunning winter landscapes, including snow-covered valleys and frozen lakes.

  2. Adorable Dogs: The dogs used for dog sledding in Iceland are typically a breed called the Greenlandic dog, which is well-suited for cold weather and has a friendly, outgoing temperament. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with the dogs and learn about their training and care.

  3. Outdoor Adventure: Dog sledding is an exhilarating outdoor activity that offers a unique way to experience Iceland's winter wilderness. Visitors can feel the wind in their hair and the adrenaline in their veins as they glide through the snow behind a team of powerful dogs.

  4. Cultural Experience: Dog sledding has a long history in many cultures, and Iceland is no exception. Visitors can learn about the history and traditions of dog sledding in Iceland, and gain a deeper appreciation for the relationship between humans and animals in the Arctic.

It's important to note that dog sledding tours can be physically demanding, and visitors should be prepared for cold and wet weather. However, with the right gear and a sense of adventure, dog sledding in Iceland can be an unforgettable experience.

Pictures from the Dog Sledding tours in Iceland:


Important note: All activities in the Icelandic nature are carried out under the own responsibility of the clients. ISLANDICA s.r.o. is not responsible for any accidents that may occur during the activities or due to the actions of the participants. The people who participate in these outings are accepting these conditions when booking a tour. ID 854