taxi from Reykjavík to ACTIVE ERUPTION AREA on Iceland


(you are able to write in your hotel's address by selecting 'I'll write down the address' under the pick-up/drop-off option)


Forget the last minute concerns, searching in the maps looking for a best place where stop to see breathtaking and unique active eruption area at Fagradasfjall and book the taxi between Fagradasfjall, Reykjavík, or Keflavík (airport or hotel)in Iceland, the fastest and safest option to see the flowing hot lava. Do you want to visit Fagradasfjall active eruption area before your departure from Iceland and get to the airport on time for your flight? Taxi service is the fastest and the most reliable option to get there as close as you can.

The taxi will be waiting for you in front of your accommodation in Reykjavík at the reserved time, ready to go directly to Fagradasfjall parking lot, where it will arrive in less than 50 minutes. Whether you travel day or night, this private taxi between Reykjavík, Keflavík Airport or hotel and the Fagradasfjall volcano active area is available 24 hours a day. 

If you are traveling from the airport to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, then your licensed, professional taxi driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name in hand.  If you want to make a stopover at the Fagradasfjall active eruption site to see the flowing hot lava, please select first journey from the top-down menu in Rates Keflavík to Fagradasfjall, then write there pick-up time. For the upcoming transfer rfter the hike to the lava (we recommend 4-5 hours) please select from the top-down menu in Rates Fagradasfjall to Reykjavík, write there pick-up time and the address of the hotel in Reykjavík where you wish to be dropped off.

To make the reservation (details below) you just have to select the route you wish to book (Reykjavík to Fagradasfjall, Keflavík airport or hotel to Fagradasfjall, or vice versa), the pick-up location (your accommodation in Reykjavík or the airport/hotel in Keflavík) and the date and time you wish to travel. To write the name of your accommodation you just have to select "I will write the address" and in the next step you can write the name and address of your accommodation. You will be able to write down the time you would like to get picked up on the next page of the process. 

Keep in mind that the Fagradasfjall active volcano area is about 40 kilometers from Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland and the shortest hiking route to the eruption site is a 20 km return trip. The hike takes 6-8 hours in total plus the time you spend at the site, so be sure that you’re fit for it before you head off. Before departure be sure to check the situation at the eruption, in terms of gas pollution. Thus, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the wind direction and to avoid hiking in the smoke and gas from the eruption.

This private taxi between Reykjavík, Fagradasfjall and Keflavík Airport is suitable for 4 people. If your group is larger (we offer a taxi for up to 8 passengers), you must add the supplement in the reservation panel.


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Taxi from Keflavík airport or Reykjavík capital to FAGRADASFJALL ACTIVE ERUPTION AREA:  Have you been left speechless by the images of the last volcanic eruption in Iceland? Well, that's nothing compared to seeing it live with your own eyes - the volcanic eruption in Geldingadalur, on the Reykjanes peninsula. Taxi will pick you up to the closest and most convenient starting place for the hike to see the active hot flowing lava. We recommend you to plan 6-8 hours of time (both ways in total) to be able to see the eruption, it's about 10 km hiking from the parking lot. Keep in mind the actual situation at the Fagradasfjall active volcano area in terms of gas pollution and wind direction in order to avoid hiking in the smoke and gas from the eruption.
More than 4 people? If your group is larger than 4 people, choose 'supplement for a bigger taxi (5-8 pax).   
Need a round-trip taxi ride? Just go through the steps twice and you'll have both legs of the trip booked in no time at all.


When traveling between Fagradasfjall active eruption area, Reykjavík, and Keflavík Airport or Hotel, in either direction, the private VIP taxi service the quickest, most convenient and most intimate way to travel with your friends or family. This service is great for families with kids who need an easy way to get from one point to another with the least hassle and stress possible or also for couples who would like to have time to themselves on the way to and from Reykjavík.

The taxi service employees certified drivers and offers cars which are well maintained and comfortable. The pick-up times on either end are flexible and allow for complete autonomy by the guests, as opposed to having to go by the bus schedule. In addition, taxis are not obligated, as buses and minibuses are, to use the tourist bus stops in Reykjavík, instead allowing for direct pick-ups from your accommodation and you will be dropped off directly in front of the entrance to  the departures terminal in the airport.

Bookings for taxi can be made as a one-way trip or round trip. You can do so, by booking 2 one-way journeys by taxi. Dropping off a campervan or motorhome at the rental office? You'll get a ride to the airport (free of charge) and then you can have your taxi waiting there for you. Or did you spend the first few days in Reykjavík and now need to go pick up your van rental which is also near the airport? Then the easiest way to get there is by taxi. 

How to reserve a taxi between Fagradasfjall active eruption area, Reykjavík, and Keflavík International Airport/hotel:

1. Choose the journey/rate (downtown Reykjavík to Fagradasfjall active eruption area, Keflavík to Fagradasfjall active eruption area, Fagradasfjall active eruption area to Keflavík, or Fagradasfjall active eruption area to Reykjavík).

2. Choose the date and the number of cars needed (each taxi holds up to 4 passengers).

3. Choose the pick-up location (you can choose "I will write down the address" and enter that information on the following page)

4. Click "Book" and follow the instructions on the following page.

--Here you will be able to write in your hotel's address for pick up. 
--You can also choose the pick-up time here. 

5. If you need another leg of the journey (i.e. return trip), you can follow the same process again. 

Please note that you should coordinate the taxi reservation with the time you should be at the airport (if going in that direction). 


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Transfer to eruption active Fagradasfjall in IcelandTaxi private transfer to eruption active Fagradasfjall in Iceland

Important Note: It is the responsibility of each guest to arrive to the designated taxi pick-up location as indicated upon reservation. If the guest does not arrive on time, they will be charged for the time that the taxi waited or the taxi may leave and there will be no refund. ISL: ID 951.