Are you looking for a tour to release all the adrenaline or for a fun family adventure? Everything is possible with the rafting tours in Iceland. Come to Iceland during the summer months (from May to September) and join one of the rafting tours in Iceland to live a true adventure in a unique natural environment. There are rafting tours for all levels and in different parts of Iceland. You can admire the landscapes of the Golden Circle rafting though the Gullfoss canyon or have an amazing experience in the rivers of North Iceland. Don't be afraid to getting wet and add a rafting tour to your trip to Iceland.

from Gullfoss
Rafting in Gullfoss Canyon, Golden Circle, Iceland
Rafting in Gullfoss Canyon from 119 €
from Reykjavík
Rafting in Hvitá river, Golden Circle, Iceland
Rafting in Gullfoss from Reykjavík from 159 €
from Reykjavík
Rafting in the Golden Circle, Gullfoss Canyon
Rafting and Golden Circle from 199 €
West Glacial River
Rafting in West Glacial River, North Iceland
Rafting in North Iceland from 109 €
East Glacial River
Whitewater Rafting in East Glacial River, North Iceland
Whitewater Rafting in North Iceland from 169 €
What are the rafting tours in Iceland and why should I join one?
Rafting or white water rafting is a recreational outdoor activity that use an inflatable raft to navigate a river. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water. This activity has become popular as an adventure sport since the 1950s and Iceland you have the chance to do it from May to September in truly amazing landscapes and with rafting tours available for all tastes and levels. There are tours suitable for families and everyone who want to try it for the first time and other tours that allow you to realease all the adrenaline and live an exciting adventure in Iceland. Departures are offered from Reykjavík, the capital, or Akureyri, in North Iceland, or from the base camp near the rivers where the rafting tours take place, which is really convenient for those who have a rental car and are travelling around Iceland. The rafting tours in Iceland have different characteristics and levels of difficulty. In southern Iceland, rafting trips have been organized for more than 20 years on the Hvítá River (one hour from Reykjavík), in the Gullfoss Canyon, part of the Golden Circle. In North Iceland, the tours take place in two different rivers according to your level. If you are coming during summer, there is no better way to experience Iceland than rafting through the crystalline waters of the glacier rivers with all the natural wonders around you. 
What should I do before going rafting in Iceland?
Do you have experience rafting? Then you may check the level of difficulty of the rafting tours in Iceland and choose accordingly. Of course, all the rafting tours have an expert English speaking guide on board, who will explain you all the things you need to know in advace. Icelandic rivers are relatively safe but the water should always be respected, so you always have to follow the safety precautions. There are rafting tours available for those who have no experience before, so don't worry and try it for the first time if you want to have some fun in Iceland. Just check all the details from the rafting tours and contact us if you have any doubt.
Please note that the tour is on a glacial river and it can get quite cold. It is important to bring clothes that will keep you warm under your rafting suit. Come prepared to get wet with everything you are going to wear. Bring thermal clothes, not cotton and remember to always have clothes underneath: pants, strong and waterproof sweater and socks, towel and bathing suit. 

In which rivers are taking place the rafting tours in Iceland?
There are 3 rivers in Iceland where the most popular rafting tours take place:   

Hvitá river: Hvitá means "white" in English, so the "white river" is a river in Iceland that begins at Langjökull glacier, the second largest glacier in Iceland, and flows for 40 kilometres before dropping down into a narrow gorge at the Gullfoss waterfall. There, in the Gullfoss Canyon, is where the rafting tours take place. As you may know the Gullfoss waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland and one of the wonders of the Golden Circle route. The rafting tours here are located approximately 1 hour by car from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík. The rafting takes 60-90 minutes and usually includes an after activity at the Drumbo sauna.
West Glacial river (Vestari Jokulsa): The West Glacial River is fun and gentle, suitable for everybody and ideal for children and beginners. It is located in North Iceland, in Skagafjordur. The river starts at the glacier Hofsjokull and fall to the north. The rafting tour here is available with pick up from Akureyri or directly from the base and offers an opportunity for everybody to pick up a paddle and explore Iceland's stunning river wilderness.

East Glacial river (Jökulsá-Austari): This river is also located in North Iceland and is ideal for those who are experienced and are looking for a true adventure.  With spectacular deep canyon scenery and relentless heart-pumping whitewater, this river has been rated one of Europe’s best rafting rivers. It is nicknamed the "Beast of the East", so you can imagine. It is a class 4 river, which means it has turbulent currents, rocks and high drops and it requieres experience with rapids, quick reaction times and constant rowing.

Can I do other activities in Iceland together with the rafting tour?

Yes, of course. If you are staying in Reykjavík, you can join to the Golden Circle and rafting tour, a combined tour which allows you to take part in the raftin tour in Hvitá river at the Gullfoss canyon and also see all the wonders of the Golden Circle (Gullfoss waterfall, Thingvellir National Park and Geysir geothermal area) in one day. If you are travelling on your own there are many different activities you can do on the same day as the rafting tours don't take the whole time. For example, if you are in the Golden Circle area you can enjoy a more relax time, entering the Secret Lagoon or Fontana geothermal baths. Moreover, the tours at Hvitá river offer the sauna after the rafting. And if you are in the north, the East Glacial river tour includes the option of jumping from a cliff and there are different tours you can do at Akureyri or other places in North Iceland, like one of the popular whale watching tours.  

What are the different levels of the rafting tours? 
The rivers are classified according to the difficulty and accessibility, so the higher the number, the more experience you need in rafting. There are six different categories but in Iceland the highest number is 4, which corresponds to the East Glacial river, which requires advanced level. The West Glacial river and Hvitá river are class 2, which are suitable for beginners.

Class 1: Easy. No rough water, no skills needed. Suitable for those with no experience as "self-rescue" should be easy if needed. 

Class 2: Moderate level of rough water but still a wide river with easy obstacles. Suitable for beginners. 

Class 3: The river may contain meidum-high waves and it requires some experience in paddling as you need to do complex maneuverers.

Class 4: The river has turbulent currents, rocks and high drops and it requieres experience with rapids, quick reaction times, constant rowing and a high level of manoeuvring. It can also has steep dips. 

What is included in a rafting tour in Iceland?  
The rafting tours in Iceland include all the necesary rafting equipment, such as the drysuit, and the English speaking expert guide. If you want to do a rafting tour in North Iceland, you can add the extra transfer in the booking from Akureyri or Varmahlid. The tours also include a hot drink. If you want to join the rafting tour at the Golden Circle, you have to choose between the tour from Reykjavík (with the transfer included) or the tour directly at Gullfoss canyon. The rafting tours at Hvitá river also include the shower and sauna after the rafting.  

When can I join the rafting tours in Iceland? 
The rafting tours in Iceland are available between May and September. Everybody who has done one of the rafting tours in Iceland loved it, so if you are coming during the summer months, don't hesitate and join one of the rafting tours in Iceland to have an unforgettable experience. 

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