Dinero islandés - precios en Islandia

Prices in Iceland after the crisis in 2009 did not change as much as one would imagine. The truth is that the price of real estate and restaurant meals dropped somewhat, but basic products (such as food in supermarkets) have not undergone major changes in recent years. Of course, with the more favorable exchange rate with EUR Iceland, it did get a tad cheaper. Compare some prices in Iceland from 2019.

precios en supermercados en Islandia - Skyr

Average Prices in Iceland – food in the supermarket

Milk (1 liter) 109.29 isk/ .72 euro

Flour (1kg) 416.74 isk/ 2.75 euro

Eggs (12) 523.68 isk/ 3.46 euro

Sugar (1kg) 222.36 isk/ 1.47 euro

Rice (1kg) 70.49isk/ .47 euro

Bottle of water .5 liter 212.55 isk/ 1.40 euro

Skyr yogurt small 229 isk/1.51 euro

Bottle of beer .33 liter 863.26 isk/ 5.70 euro

Skyr yogurt large 409 isk/ 2.70 euro

Cheddar cheese (330g) 628 isk/ 4.15 euro

Unsalted butter (250g) 185isk/ 1.22 euro

Whole chicken per kg 860isk/ 5.68 euro

Margarina 389 isk

Oatmeal (950g) 469 isk/ 3.10 euro

Bread (500g) 325 isk/ 2.15 euro,

Salami 499 isk/ 3.29 euro

Pasta bolognese 440 isk/2.83 euro

Lasagna 550 isk/3.54 euro

Instant soup 299 – 399 isk/1.99-2.57 euro

Meat soup 430 isk/2.77 euro

Chicken buns in sauce 679 isk 6 pieces/ 4.37 euro

Package dough 180-220 isk/1.16-1.41 euro

Hot dogs 519 isk 5 pieces/ 3.34 euro

Olive Oil 863.26 isk/ 5.70 euro

Feel free to try as many Icelandic products as you can. We recommend meat (lamb, veal, hot dog), fish (salmon, halibut, Arctic Char, smoked salmon, dried fish), seafood, Skyr (Icelandic yogurt), milk and cheese, butter, feta cheese, soups , potatoes, tomatoes, chocolates, bread, spices, ice cream and more .

Prices for fruit and vegetables in Iceland

Strawberries large 409isk/ 2.70 euro

Tomato (1kg) 592.25 isk/ 3.91 euro

Strawberries small 229 isk/ 1.51 euro

Potato (1kg) 176.33isk/ 1.16 euro

Apple (1kg) 328.42 isk/ 2.17 euro

Carrots 350 isk / 2.30 euro

Orange (1kg) 328.43 isk/ 2.17 euro

Icelandic Lettuce (packet) 950 isk / 5 euro 

Banana (1kg) 176.33 isk/ 1.16 euro

Cauliflower (1kg) 650 isk / 4.20 euro

zumos por el precio como en España

Prices for drinks in Iceland (in supermarkets and shops)

Bottle of water .5 liter 212.55 isk/ 1.40 euro 

Light beer (can) 280 isk

Can of coke .33 liter 261.6/ 1.73 euro

Beer (in a liquor store) 200 – 300 isk

Cup of coffee 395.58 isk/ 2.61 euro

Bottle of Wine 900-3200 isk

Red Bull 520 isk/ 3.43 eurok

alcohol is not sold in supermarkets


Transfer from Keflavík International Airport to Reykjavík (the capital) by bus: 28 EUROS (2022), 45-minute journey: RESERVE AIRPORT EXPRESS

In Iceland they produce many of their own vegetables and fruit. Although it seems incredible until recently Icelanders were the largest producers of bananas in Europe. In the greenhouse village in Hveragerdi they were able to plant more bananas than in other European areas. After the crises, the focus on local food became even more important for local suppliers and the people themselves always tried to support the country's companies instead of consuming imported vegetables. We recommend trying Icelandic potatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes or onions.

Prices of other goods in Iceland

 Rental of a car: (high season in 2022) from 42 EUR / day

Entrance to the movies:1530 isk/ 9.83 euro

Traditional Icelandic sweaters (Lopapeysa) 28.000 isk / 180 EUR

Dish detergent:   399 isk/ 2.56 euro

Sim card - prepaid with 2000 isk of credit 2,900: 3,400 isk / 22 EUR


productos higiénicos por buenos precios


Prices of hygiene products and cosmetic products in Iceland

Shampoo-Head&Shoulders (200 ml) 699isk/ 4.49 euro

Shower soap 200- 550 isk/ 1.28-3.53 euro

Shampoo 370-720 isk /2.38-4.63 euro

Sanitary pads 550 isk/ 3.53 euro


comida en Islandia precio desde 1200 ISK


Prices of food in bars and restaurants in Iceland in 2022

Fast food meal per person 1,171.37 isk/ 7.74 euro

Glass of wine 1000 - 1200 isk

Typical meal per person 951.76 isk/ 6.28 euro

Coca Cola (Refrescos) 300-350 isk

Small draft beer 850isk-1.090/ 5.61 euro-7.20 euro  

Large draft beer 1.050-1.550/ 6.90 euro-10 euro

Bottle of beer:1.200isk-1.4500isk/ 7.90 euro-9.60 euro

Water FREE (tap water is free in bars and restaurants)


productos de Islandia


Other prices of interest in Iceland in 2022
Rental of a car: (high season in 2022) from 42 EUR / day
Entrance to the movies:1530 isk/ 9.83 euro
Traditional Icelandic sweaters (Lopapeysa) 28.000 isk / 180 EUR
Dish detergent:   399 isk/ 2.56 euro
Sim card - prepaid with 2000 isk of credit 2,900: 3,400 isk / 22 EUR


Tienda de Duty Free en Islandia con buenos precios

If you want to save on alcohol prices and several other things, take advantage of your first shopping opportunity now at Iceland's international airport, Duty Free Keflavík Airport. Many Icelanders buy beer, wine and cigarettes there because it is cheaper than in the city's shops. If you want to buy the prepaid card (for Icelandic mobile) it is also cheaper to do it at the Duty Free at the airport.

Prices in Iceland in 2022