Motorhome offers for 2024 season. This is the ideal way to travel in 2024 in Iceland. Pay only 15% deposit now for confirmation of the reservation for motorhome rentals. Our motorhome office is near Keflavík International Airport - 5 minutes by a private transfer (pick-up is included in the rental price). Insurance, fully equipped kitchen, heating system and unlimited mileage are included in the price of all our motorhomes.Motorhomes can be booked directly online. Driver's license B is sufficient for all our motorhomes. The demand is extremely high for 2024 season in Iceland. Minimum reservation period is 4 days. 

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Motorhome rental in Iceland

PRICE INCLUDES: • Pick-up at the Keflavik international airport • Selected motorhome rental • Standard CDW insurance • Fully equipped kitchen • Modern heating system • Winter tires (in winter season) • Unlimited mileage • Walk Through Guidance At Pick Up • Discount card for gasoline • Recommended itinerary • Local taxes, IVA

EXTRAs (all can be rented also during the pick-up in our office): • Unlimited Mobile WiFi 14 EUR per day • Extra Driver 14 EUR per day • GPS 14 EUR per day • Table and chair ( camping set ) 39 EUR • Baby Seat 6 EUR per day • Bed Linen Set 39 EUR • Extra Propane Gas Tank 66 EUR • Prepaid Cleaning 119 EUR • Car Power Inverter 10 EUR per day •Towel Set 16 EUR • Prepaid Fuel Tank 197 EUR • Balancing Wedges 20 EUR  • Cleaning Kit 30 EUR  •

2 persons
Motorhome on Iceland for 2 people
Compact Motorhome from 179 €
3 persons
Compact Motorhome on Iceland for 3 people
Compact Motorhome from 185€
4 persons
Motorhome on Iceland for 4 people
Medium Motorhome from 189 €
5 persons
Family Motorhome Rental in Iceland for 5 people
Large Family Motorhome from 189 €
6 persons
Motorhome on Iceland for 6 people
Large Motorhome from 195 €
2-5 pax
Campervan rental in Iceland
2-9 pax




Where I will collect my reserved motorhome?

Our assistant will be waiting for you at the Keflavík airport with your name written on a sign in the arrival hall. He will pick you up with all luggage and take you to the rental station (5 minutes driving) where you collect your motorhome. Of course you can reach our rental station in the Keflavík area on your own if you prefer this option. After returning the motorhome to the rental station our assistant will take you back to the Keflavík airport. Both transfers are included in the rental price.

I have no experience with motorhomes, where will I learn how to drive and operate a motorhome and it's accessories?

No worries, at the central station during the pick-up procedure we will show you a 20-minute video about driving and maintaining all equipment. Then we will show you step-by-step each detail in your motorhome. (the best way for getting your hands-on experience) In addition, you have a manual in the motorhome and also a 24-hour help-line with an assistance.

Is it difficult to drive a motorhome in Iceland?

No, it is not. We recommend you to be more careful while driving as motorhomes are bigger than standard cars. Normally after 20 minutes you will have gotten accustomed to the experience and how the motorhome behaves in curves and crosses. We have never had a customer who couldn't manage to drive their motorhome so far. No stress :) You will quickly learn and go on to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

Why travel by motorhome in Iceland?

Iceland is a perfect country for travelling by motorhome to witness unique nature and beautiful landscapes that you can explore on your own, with complete and total freedom and without the limits or obligations of other forms of travel. Imagine the feeling of waking up each day in a different part of paradise and stepping out into a fascinating new world (there are about 170 registered campsites in Iceland!). Reserve a rental motorhome and create your own trip on the go, respecting of course the nature and laws of Iceland.

Do you want to spend your vacation differently than you normally do?

In Iceland you will discover another world. You will see beautiful nature, landscapes full of water, craters, volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers, nature baths and much more. You will enjoy fresh and tasty cuisine. Book a motorhome rental and traverse Iceland in 7 days or more. Seven days is the minimum time recommended to enjoy a rejuvenating vacation without stress. With a week (or more) you will have enough time to see the most famous places in Iceland during your travel. Rent a motorhome with our company and we will prepare your customized and detailed itinerary.

What does your motorhome rental in Iceland include?

All our motorhome rentals include unlimited mileage, CDW insurance, local VAT, a fully equipped kitchen and final cleaning. Motorhomes also include free transfer from Keflavík International Airport.

Where can I park and leave our motorhome overnight in Iceland?

The campsites in Iceland are located in more than 120 incredible places around the island, so you will not have any problems finding a place to park the motorhome. There are many differences between each of the campsites (from those that offer all possible comforts to the the most basic ones, which are located in the middle of nowhere and those that do not even carry a charge). You can read more information about the available campsites at: and

What are the advantages of booking a motorhome with ISLANDICA?

ISLANDICA s.r.o. ( has been successfully working in Iceland since 1996. We continuously compare our prices with competitors to have the best value/price deals on motorhome rentals in Iceland. We only offer models with guaranteed quality so that the customer is always satisfied. The rental of motorhomes in Iceland can be difficult during the summer months as the vehicles quickly sell out. That is why we recommend making reservations in advance. In addition, with some motorhomes you can get discounts for early bookings, so book early! A 15% deposit of the total price is required to confirm a reservation. We provide a tailored itinerary for each motorhome rental in order to enjoy Iceland in the best way possible for the travellers. ISLANDICA also provides assistance during your journey.

What shall I do if I have any issues or if I need assistance?

You can contact an ISLANDICA travel agency through the direct assistance line (email or phone).

Large rental motorhome in Iceland in 2022

Motorhome trips in Iceland are a popular way to explore the country's stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes at your own pace. Iceland is well-known for its scenic routes, which offer breathtaking views of volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and geysers.

One of the most popular motorhome routes in Iceland is the Ring Road, which circles the entire island and offers stunning views of the country's diverse landscapes. The route takes approximately one week to complete, with plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, hiking, and exploring along the way.

Other popular motorhome routes in Iceland include the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, the Golden Circle, and the South Coast. Each route offers its own unique attractions and scenic beauty, from rugged coastlines to pristine glaciers and snow-capped mountains.

When planning a motorhome trip in Iceland, it's important to be aware of the country's weather and road conditions, as they can change quickly and unexpectedly. It's also important to respect Iceland's natural beauty and wildlife, and to practice responsible camping and waste disposal.

Overall, a motorhome trip in Iceland is an unforgettable adventure that offers visitors a chance to explore some of the world's most stunning and untouched landscapes.

Important note: If the motorhome you wish to reserve on Iceland does not have availability for the dates you want, contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our agents will inform you of the availability of motorhomes existing at the time of booking. ID677.