Do you want to see the whales in Reykjavík in a much more exciting way? Book this whale watching tour by speedboat in Iceland's capital and not only will you experience a great adventure but you'll be able to see these incredible sea mammals much closer.
For our Spanish speaking friends, the reservation includes our spanish audio guide and the entrance to the Whales museum in Iceland! During the summer, the tour includes the puffin island "Akurey" , also known as friendly seabirds. The whale watching tour by speedboat from Reykjavík includes everything you need to enjoy a unique adventure in Iceland (professional English speaking guide, full jumpsuit, gloves, protective goggles, and seats with suspension). This way you can get close to the whales safely for both you and them on a journey you won't forget. To warm you up, we invite you to a free coffee in the café "Rost"!




audioguia de avistamiento de ballenas     Certificación mediambiental Clase Oro

Information about the whale watching expedition from Reykjavik by Zodiac speedboat

With the whale-watching tour in Reykjavík you can get even closer to these mammals by speedboat. This is done in a safe way for both you and whales thanks to our 12-meter-long boat. During the tour, we will pass the puffin island "Akurey" to take a look at these adorable seabirds that live around the coast of Iceland during their nesting season. The journey that awaits you is fast and exciting, with a speed of 32 knots which allows you to enjoy more time when we are close to the whales. On the way back, we will take a scenic route along the Reykjavík coast so you can take the best photos of Iceland's capital.
The entire time you will be accompanied by our professional English speaking guide. Our custom-designed RIB, or speedboat, made in the UK is equipped with suspension seats for added safety and comfort on board. Thanks to this, you will have a much more pleasant trip than in any other company with normal seats. We also provide complete jumpsuits, lifeguards, gloves and protective goggles.
This whale watching tour has received the Vakkin Gold Class certificate and the blue flag "eco-label", which guarantee the high quality of services and environmental protection in Iceland. This tour also opposes whaling and supports the protection of endangered species.
Sign up for this speedboat adventure in Reykjavík and learn all the secrets of whales. Remember that you have included our audio guide in Spanish, in addition to the entrance to the museum "Whales of Iceland".



avistamiento de ballenas en lancha rápida desde Reykjavik

Activity difficulty level: Moderate (2 of 5 ).
Reservations: It is recommended to book the place in advance online to ensure availability.
Duration of the activity: About 2 hours.
Place of the tour: Departures from the old port, in the center of Reykjavík, Faxaflói bay.
Included in the price: Speedboat tour with English speaking guide, audio guide in Spanish, entrance to the museum "Whaling of Iceland", full monkey, gloves, protective goggles, visit to the island of puffins in summer, seats with suspension for comfort, free coffee in the café "Rost" in the port, local VAT.
Scheduled departures: Multiple departures per day (according to booking table).
Minimum age: 10 years (not recommended for children under 10 years old or people under 4' 3" inches or 130 cm).
What do you need to bring? No matter what time of year you decide to travel to Iceland, it is always important to bring a good waterproof jacket, warm clothes (waterproof trousers like Gore-tex), good waterproof shoes, gloves, light hat, sunglasses and camera.ca.

Important Info for Whale Watching Tours in Iceland

Note: The Atlantic Ocean is not a ZOO. The supplier cannot guarantee 100% whale watching. If whales are not seen during the tour, the provider does not return your money as the trip did take place. In the event that the whales were not seen, the supplier offers the possibility to make the same excursion another day for free (subject to availability and for validity of 1 year.

Avistamiento de ballenas en lancha rápida desde Reykjavík
Frailecillo en Islandia, excursión de avistamiento de ballenas

Important Note: All activities in the Atlantic Ocean are carried out under the responsibility of the customers. ISLANDICA s.r.o. is not responsible for possible accidents that participants may suffer during the activities or due to the actions of them. Persons who participate in these departures are accepting these conditions when booking the tour. They may be required to sign an exemption prior to completion, stating that they are aware that all outdoor activity carries an inherent risk. ID:824