Whale Watching Tour in Húsavík

Welcome to Húsavík, the whale capital of Iceland with the best whale watching tours in Iceland. Don't wait any longer and sign up for this incredible whale-watching adventure. Our remarkable touring team consists of a highly recommended group of captains, first mates and sea-faring types who are know for their friendly service, superb boats and the immense, local experience and knowledgeable in their field. They'll impress you with amazing facts about the ocean's largest mammals. On board you can indulge in the famous, delicious Icelandic buns (kleinur) and a rich hot chocolate while waiting. Reserve now and see the whales in their natural habitat. From the beautiful city of Húsavík in northern Iceland, we offer classic boat whale watching tours departing from Skjalfandi Bay, with a 98% likelihood of seeing whales and dolphins






Húsavík port

Difficulty of the activity Easy (1 / 5).
Reservation: It is recommended to book your seat in advance online to ensure availability.
Activity duration: About 3 hours of whale watching.
Place of the excursion: Departures from the port in the center of Húsavík.
Price included: Classic wooden boat excursion, hot chocolate with Icelandic bun, some extra waterproof warm clothes (if necessary), English speaking guide, local VAT.
Scheduled departures: Several departures per day (according to the reservation table).
Minimum age: There is no age limit (children 0-6 years are free), youth 7-15 years (receive a discount).
What should I bring? No matter what time of year you decide to travel to Iceland, it is always important to bring a proper waterproof jacket, warm clothes (waterproof pants like Gore-tex), good waterproof shoes, gloves, light hat, sunglasses and camera.


Húsavík, known as "the capital of the whales", is a beautiful village located in the north of Iceland on the coast of Skjálfandi Bay  (with 2,680 inhabitants). It is considered the best place in Iceland to observe whales. That is why, in 1997, the first information center on whales in Iceland was opened, dedicated to showing in an entertaining and illustrative way, the most interesting knowledge we possess of these creatures, which are as big as they are beautiful. In Húsavík you can enjoy not only the whales, but also breathtaking landscapes, fresh food and tours and outings in the surrounding  aress, being able to learn a little more about the Icelandic culture. In the Bay of Skjálfnadi, in Húsavík, you can see the following whales: Minke Whales, Common Porpoises, Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, Sperm Whales, Killer Whales and Northern Rorquals. Generally,  May is best for observing blue whales, June will give more opportunity for sighting humpback whales, and between the months of July and August there is a higher likelihood of sighting Minke whales. In total you can see 23 types of whales in Iceland, plus several types of dolphins.

Whales in Húsavík are usually seen between the months of May and September but the best time to watch whales in northern Iceland is during the summer months. Keep in mind that everything depends on the weather of the day and, of course, luck. Whales live in their natural habitat and not in a zoo, however in recent years, the percentage of whale watching in Húsavík has been 97-99%. Sometimes only smaller whales like common porpoises or Minke whales are seen. In the rare case that no whales are seen, the providers of the excursions offer another whale watching tour for free.

Important note Please keep in mind that the Atlantic Ocean is not a ZOO. The provider can not 100% guarantee whale sighting. If no whales are seen during the excursion, the provider does not refund the money paid since the excursion will have occurred. But in this case, you can contact the supplier's employees in the Húsavík office. On some occasions, they may offer another free excursion (always subject to availability).

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