Did you know that the best drinking water in Iceland is tap water?

Did you know that the best drinking water in Iceland is tap water? Its quality is unrivaled, which is why we encourage you to stop consuming bottled water and join us by taking the "Kranavatn Challenge". What is this challenge? Very simply put, bring a reusable bottle to Iceland and enjoy the premium quality of drinking water in Iceland. A global study reveals that two thirds (65%) of global travelers consume more bottled plastic water abroad than at home, with only one in four (25%) carrying their reusable water bottle on vacation. We want to take care of the environment and help increase this number. Also, why pay for something you have for free? Iceland, the Earth and your pockets will thank you.

What does Kranavatn mean? Kranavatn is an Icelandic word that translates as potable (drinkable) tap water.
What is the "Kranavatn Challenge"?This is an Icelandic campaign that promotes the consumption of tap water and the use of reusable water bottles to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.
Can I participate in the "Kranavatn Challenge"? Of course! We're glad you asked :) Copy this link https://kranavatn.inspiredbyiceland.com, sign and share the "Kranavatn Challenge". Or share our page directly on your social networks.
Our recommendation: Before buying a plastic water bottle (home or abroad), check if the tap water is drinkable / potable water. In many areas of the world, as in Iceland, you can drink the tap water. If that is the case, we strongly encourage you to stop buying single-use bottles (80% of which end up in landfills). No matter where you are, you can always improve the world and help take care of our beautiful planet.


"Iceland invites" is the motto of the campaign since drinking water in Iceland is of the best quality and, of course, free. That is why Iceland has decided from now on to consider tap water as a "premium brand" and thus fight against the consumption of bottled water and plastic waste. "Kranavatn" or drinking tap water is a free, abundant and high quality product available in any tap. Therefore, remember that you can refill your bottle anywhere and ask for tap water in any restaurant or in any hotel.


Agua potable en botella, Islandia
Agua potable de IslandiaRíos y el agua de Islandia

Responsibility: Please be a responsible tourist and always respect nature. The natural environment in Iceland is even more fragile and vulnerable than in other countries and it is imperative that you treat it with caution and respect. ID 782