Here you can chose of the to 50 BEST ACTIVITIES TO DO IN ICELAND

Would you like to see the best of Iceland and do not know where to start? We are here to help you with more than 20 years of our own experience travelling and discovering Iceland.  Since 1995 until now we are still enjoying doing that. 

If we are to make our top ten list and also probably the top ten selling list this would be the order: 1) Blue Lagoon Iceland, 2) Golden Circle, 3) South Coast 4) Whale Watching from Húsavík, 5) Volcanic eruption of Fagradalsfjall- Meradalir, 6) Jokulsarlón Glacier lagoon, 7) Vatnajokull glacier tour, 8) Northern lights from Reykjavík, 9) Snowmobiles on glacier, 10) Dog sledding on a snow in Iceland.

Would you like to find the best whale watching place in Iceland?

It is easy to say that the best location to watch whales in Iceland is the north Iceland, specially the socalled "Capital of whales" Húsavík. Also in the past couple of years Akureyri and its long beautifull bay started to be popular. If you can not make to the norths, do not be said, as you can easily try your luck in whale wathching from Reykjavík capital. The success rate there is also very hight and the Faxflói bay is also beautifull. If you are looking for more seculded places, try the west Iceland, Snaefellsnes peninsula, or even further, whale watching in the Westfjords from Ísafjordur.

Do you want to have a thermal bath experience and you do not know wich one is the best?

The most beautifull lagoons are definitely the Blue Lagoon close to Keflavík International airport and the Mývant Natural Baths in the North Iceland. Both are located in volcanic landscape with extrordinary water colours and make you feel like in a spa from a different planet. Also the new Sky Lagoon built in Reykjavík over the cliffs is a unique experience. Our favourite geothermal spas are Gosea in Húsavík which is great to do as a warm up after your whale watching tours as the spa is overlooking with infinity pools the Atlantic. And the Vok spa in Eglisstadir which is located over the lake you can combine with the floating hot tubs. If you prefere a nature wise exprience we recommend Landmannalaugar and Reykjadalur valley. We also shoud not forget one of the oldest pools on Iceland which is Secret lagoon and cool modern spa Laugarvatn Fontana which are great upon visiting the Golden Circle. On the west coas you can visit Krauma or more secluded and private Canyon Baths. Honestly, if you like spas, and you are not on low budget, you can visit all of them when going around Iceland. We love to do so when we have trips which are 8-10 days. Than the Icelandic climate does not matter at all as you can enjoy swimming every day. 

Do you want to discover glacier and you are not sure which one is the best?

There are 4 main glaicer to be discovered on Iceland. The one closest to Reykjavík is Langjokull and the one furthermost is Vatnajokull. In the middle, it is to say in the south coast you can find Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull. We recommend to visit Vatnajokull for glacier hikes with crampones during the summer months and also for the natural ice caves, in case you travel during October-March and you can reach this area. If you do not have much time or you request a full year experience we definitely recommend Langjokull glacier for snowmobile tours or the tunnel into the glacier, or ideally combination of both (although the super truck over the glacier is also amazing experience). Myrdalsjokul glacier in the south coast is great for year-round visit of ice cave (when other natural ice caves are not accessible) and also it has a great location in the south where many other activities can be done and you can conect them with a glacier hike or a snowmobile tour. If you are looking for more private experience (where the masses do not go), you can explore the Eyjafjallajokull on a snowmobile tour. These glaciers are conveniently located on the south coast, so even a trip from Reykjavik and back in one day is doable. Vatnajokull glacier is the furhermost located but also the most impresive. Another of its plus are the fascinanting glacier lagoons. You can visit Fjalsarllon and Jokuslarlon lagoons but just note that they are 5 hour drive from Reykjavík, the capital.

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